Company Review: InterTrader

InterTrader is unique, it was formed in 2008 by two of the largest betting and gaming companies in the UK – Party Gaming and City Index. With such a strong backing you would expect InterTrader to be one of the best platforms available, but is it?

Quite simply the answer is yes, well pretty much anyway. InterTrader offers an incredibly user-friendly platform and it’s combined with a design that has such a smooth feel you’ll be stuck clicking buttons just for the satisfaction of it all. Not only that but the design is layered on top of a very functional platform that automatically places stop losses (to help avoid haemorrhaging cash) and works effortlessly on your iPad or iPhone.

Because InterTrader is new, they have gone all out for their offer. This offer is the largest on and is definitely one that should be looked at. Click on the ‘offer’ tab to read all about it or just go ahead and claim your bonus now below!

More on InterTrader

InterTrader is active in every financial spreadbetting market that you would expect so customers will not be restricted for choice. Available options include shares, indices, forex and commodities as well as bonds and interest rates.

For those who are new to the market, InterTrader excels in helping to provide training and education on the subject of spreadbetting. As well as the free webinars, there is also an online test which can be used to check your understanding and there are a number of other resources available which are invaluable if you need a bit more support.

InterTrader also offers 24-hour trading for anyone interested in spreadbetting through the night, with everything up and running around the clock from Sunday night through to Friday evening. And if you want to check your account on the go, there is a mobile app for both iPhone and Android. Otherwise you can access InterTrader either through a web-based platform or via Metatrader 4.

Company Details

An account can be opened with InterTrader without any money being transferred because this is not required until you want to open a position. There is no minimum deposit and typical margins start from 20 for indices, 40 for forex and 3% for shares. The minimum stake is £1.

Accounts are not a credit facility and are run on a deposit basis. This means there must be sufficient funds in your InterTrader account before you can open a position. To calculate how much you need to transfer, use the online information regarding minimum margin requirements by the size of your stake.

To protect your account from tipping over into the red, it is possible to have a Limited Risk Account rather than a standard one. This means a Guaranteed Stop Order will be attached to all trades, making it impossible to lose more than you originally invested. The stop loss incurs a small premium which will be deducted from your account. This is calculated based on the size of the stake and there is a minimum distance from the current market price applicable.