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Company Review: City Index

With 30 years experience, City Index is one of the largest spread betting companies in the world and employs over 600 people. With 1.5 million trades each month and a global audience across 50 countries, City Index is a respected player in the spread betting market.

City Index were one of the first platforms to make a name for themselves in the mobile world of spread betting. The success of their initial iPhone spread betting app has led to development across the three largest mobile operating systems: iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

City Index is a company that you can trust and with new bonus offers being constantly released; they’re a very exciting to keep up to date with.

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Mobile Trading

City Index recognises that being tied to your chair is something no one really wants in modern trading. It therefore offers a mobile platform, the award-winning City Trading app. Compatible with most smartphones, it allows traders to access live-stream data as well as historical prices, providing the option for fully mobile analysis. Popular among users and industry experts alike, it has won many accolades, including the prestigious Money AM Mobile Platform of the Year in 2010.

Tight Spreads

A narrow spread means greater potential profits, so how does City Index measure up?

Because of the diverse range of markets available to trade, it is impossible to list every spread but City Index is competitive right across the board. For example, in the shares market spreads start from as little as 0.08%, with margins of between 5% and 25%. Margins in the currency market start from just 1%, with the spread from just 0.8 pips.

It is possible to trade on the forex market 24 hours a day from Sunday night right through to Friday evening with City Index, which means that you won’t miss out on trades which occur off-peak.

Another nice touch on City Index is the margin calculator, which allows traders to see at a glance their available margin and it also flashes red to get your attention when it needs topping up.

Many people starting out may well prefer to begin small and slowly build up as their experience grows. For this reason, you only need £100 to open an account with City Index and the minimum deposit amount thereafter is just £25.

City Index also offers a simulation account for those not ready to enter into the live market. This provides a virtual credit of £2500 and allows traders to practice spread bets as well as FX and CFDs. However, this is only available for a two-week period so don’t be tempted to give it a try until you think you are more or less ready to go live.

City Index has such a diverse range of services that it is suitable for both novices and more experienced traders. With options such as binary trading as well as Limited Risk Accounts, there is something to suit everyone.