Capital Spreads

Company Review: Capital Spreads

Capital Spreads opened its platform in 2003 and the company is part of a much larger organisation, the London Capital Group Holdings. The platform prides itself on being “AIM listed and debt free” and operates in accordance with FSA regulations. In 2011, Capital Spreads was awarded “CFD Provider of The Year” by the Investors Chronicle.

As with all leading spread betting companies, Capital Spreads offers a wide range of markets including bonds and interest rate betting. The platform also has a mobile application for both iPhone and Android that are provided with access to charting information. You can find more details about the spread sizes, available offers, markets and deposit options below.

More on Capital Spreads

Trading can be carried out 24 hours a day from Sunday night through to Friday evening, with customer service available from 8am to 7pm UK time. Capital Spreads also offers the option of either traditional computer-based trading or mobile trading for anyone with an Android device or iPhone. As well as monitoring accounts, you can also open new trades and access charting information, allowing true functionality for traders while they are away from their PC.

Capital Spreads: The Details

The typical minimum stake for each bet is just £1 but the margin requirements will vary depending on the market being entered. The website explains in detail the exact margin requirement for each sector and how to calculate the minimum deposit.

However, Capital Spreads operates a policy designed to prevent heavy losses and this negates the need for vast amounts of capital to be tied up in each trade. The limited margin policy means that the individual only needs to deposit the amount for their maximum stop-loss plus a further 20%.

A Limited Risk account is another way of restricting losses. Many inexperienced and new traders may be pointed towards this type of account by Capital Spreads when registering. A Limited Risk account places a guaranteed stop order to every position and although a small premium is payable for the service, it means that no more than the initial investment can ever be lost.

Of course, making a profit will also depend on the spread available. The spread size is subject to change and will vary depending on the market. However, as an example, the spread currently available on common targets such as the FTSE 100 and EUR/GBP daily is just 1.

Finally, a tie-up with Barclays means withdrawals and deposits are fast and secure. There are also no minimum withdrawal limits, which means that you can take out any profits that you make straightaway.