Is Tech The Best Investment… Indefinitely?

The 2001 dot com bubble still resonates with a lot of investors. Tech stocks are seen as a ‘too good to be true’ market with many speculators assuming that fast growth means false growth. Sure, we’ve seen it with Zynga and Facebook but the reason for their initial failure was down to their creation of an entirely new market – it’s just a learning curve.

More markets will be created, and more markets will be over-anticipated but tech will grow and so will the opportunities for investment. The fact is, software, cloud and web-app technologies are being adopted across all industries and this trend will continue. Technology will not be an ‘addon’ for business, it will be a layer for business.

So what is the point of this short piece?

You should be considering a tech stock portfolio. The risks are different but with new markets being created the rewards are limitless. This year, for example, we are likely to see the introduction of Google Glasses and the Apple iWatch – in the future, Google hopes to launch driverless cars. Technology is where it is at; it’s building new markets and driving existing ones. Get involved.

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