“Luis Wells: De La Destrucción Al Juego” Opens at Maman Fine Art


Argentine contemporary artist, Luis Wells who is famed for his “Destructive Art”, has opened a new exhibition at MAMAN Fine Art in Avenida Libertador, Buenos Aieres.

Wells was considered to have played an influential role during the Informalist Movement of the 1950s and 60s, and he earned a reputation for creating “Destructive Art” (the name of his first exhibition, and ultimately a descriptor for much of his future work). Wells’ art at the time was considered distasteful, but his work has since gone on to become respected globally; marked by the latest opening of his exhibition at Mamam Fine Art.

The exhibition opened on September 1st 2016 and will run through to October 15th.

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About MAMAN Fine Art

Daniel Maman, having worked 25 years as an economic and art advisor, opened MAMAN Fine Art in 2001. As an Argentinian man, Maman has dedicated his gallery to Latin American Modern and Contemporary Art, solidifying his reputation as an influential figurehead of Agentina’s culture.

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